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Building BloQs

We have been working with Building BloQs to deliver a research programme that informs the creation of their new space at Meridian Water

Meridian Water will be home to Meridian Works – a haven for makers, creators and artists – including Europe’s largest open workshop, Building BloQs, opening in late 2018.

To deliver a new space that truly meets the needs of makers, while also supporting local regeneration and placemaking, Building BloQs needed to understand their audiences in a lot more detail - makers and their customers, trainers and educators, government and policy makers, and partners. So we designed a research programme that would inform a range of their work moving forward. 

We developed a programme that comprised desk research, qualitative research (workshops and depth interviews) and quantitative research (surveys). The reason we took this approach was to ensure that our research built on relevant existing information (size of the potential market, competitors etc), allowed us to have depth conversations and understand answers, and then test and confirm key themes with a much larger number of people. 

The research was incredibly interesting - and while it confirmed much existing knowledge, it also uncovered a range of unexpected insights. These insights included feedback about:

  • The size, expectations and location of the potential market

  • The design of the space - including the flexibility that could be built in to allow people to utilise the space as a long-term solution as their businesses grow 

  • The facilities expected 

  • The focus on safety and environment 

  • The machinery that is expected, leading to the development of an equipment policy for Building BloQs 

  • The opportunities around training and education, and how the site could encourage more people into the creative, making and small manufacturing industries 

  • How customers need Building BloQs to work within a wider eco-system - and how that eco-system and supporting services, alongside the specific facilities on offer on-site, work together to impact on purchasing decisions 

  • The importance of site accessibility - from a transport and safety perspective. 

These findings have given Building BloQs insight and an evidence base to support their decision making moving forward. It has also helped to identify how they can reach their audiences (and how far-reaching their marketing should be), and informed the development of key messages around how they can encourage people to partner with them and become advocates for their site and their work. Through this, it also gives them confidence about the potential outcome of the financial investments they are making. 

The findings contain a mix of location specific findings, as well as more global evidence that they can take forward into future projects. 

This project was part of our 5 key step process to make successful, Real Place™ conversations. If you would like a quick run though, drop us a line or give as a call. We're always happy to visit, or 20 minute run through on Skype / Zooms works well.